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City Dress - Black
Classics - Antique brown
Originals - Auburn
Kids Boots - Antique brown
Originals - Tobacco
Women's Series - Black
Classics - Crazy horse
Women's Series - Brown
Originals - Steel Grey
Red brown
Reykjavik - Dark brown
Lillehammer - Dark brown


Blundstone was founded in Tasmania in 1870 and despite being a while ago, the company is still Tasmanian. Therefore, you can set up a close-knit family business. The main office is located in Hobart, Tasmania. Over the years, the Blundstone boots have evolved in style, design, technology, however, the quality has never changed. Blundstone chelsea boots have the well-known robust appearance with two elastics on the side. Our shoe can be recognized by the “pull tags” on the front and back of the shoe. This is both a tool for putting on the shoe, but also a characteristic of Blundstone.

Vintage Handmade

Vintage Handmade is an exclusive shoe brand for men and women. All Vintage Handmade models are made of the best leather from the Porto, Portugal area. In addition, the lambswool that is processed in the outdoor boot is established with skin and hair in the boot. This keeps the boots breathing and provides optimal walking comfort. We always strive for the best quality and fit. Vintage Handmade is now sold in various European countries and has grown into a successful brand. The collection consists of boots for men and women.

BC Hats

B.C. Hats was founded in Australia 1969 in the village of Byron Bay, Bill Conner started this company and was the first to make a hat (from leather) with a moldable brim. Bill Conner started B.C. Hats, but not with just hats. In the beginning it was the sandals that he sold very well. It didn’t take long for the hats to become the most in-demand and most popular product! Bill Conner’s workmanship is of high quality. Ultimately, his passion for craftsmanship grew into a family business.

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