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Blundstone was founded in Tasmania in 1870 and despite being a while ago, the company is still Tasmanian. Therefore, you can set up a close-knit family business. The main office is located in Hobart, Tasmania. Over the years, the Blundstone boots have evolved in style, design, technology, however, the quality has never changed. Blundstone chelsea boots have the well-known robust appearance with two elastics on the side. Our shoe can be recognized by the “pull tags” on the front and back of the shoe. This is both a tool for putting on the shoe, but also a characteristic of Blundstone.

These are more than just boots, they are Blundstones. You can certainly get your own Blundstones or so-called “Blunnies” in the Netherlands. Due to there being a wide range of styles offered, such as different models like 550, 587, 510 and the 1306, a Blundstone will always fit your foot.

Since 1870, we have developed new ways to provide unparalleled comfort and protection from the elements. We invest heavily in research and work with our partners to access the best and latest technologies available.

Comfortable sole

We work with the world’s best suppliers, innovators and premium manufacturers to deliver underfoot comfort systems that offer superior shock absorption and comfort.

Comfortable sole

Blundstone’s sole construction is designed and built to reduce fatigue and orthopedic problems in the lower body.

Leather quality

Sourced from the world’s best tanneries for superior protection against the elements and extremely long wear and tear.

Vintage Handmade

Vintage Handmade is an exclusive shoe brand for men and women. All models of Vintage Handmade are made of the best leather from the city Porto in Portugal. In addition, the lambswool that is processed in the outdoor boot is established with skin and hair in the boot. This keeps the boots breathing and provides optimal walking comfort. We always strive for the best quality and fit.

From passion to dream

The founder of Vintage Handmade is a lover of the outdoors. The man behind Vintage Handmade is a talented man with a broad knowledge of shoes. Teun van Wetten has been sharing his passion in the shoe industry for more than 10 years. 10 years ago he took the plunge and left for Portugal. He worked closely with a Portuguese team and developed the well-known Vintage Handmade boot. Where tired feet do not play a role and you therefore enjoy the boots during all seasons. This combination is what Vintage Handmade has been looking for for a long time. The exchange of all experiences and knowledge has resulted in our own design of comfortable, warm and waterproof boots. This is how the Vintage Handmade boots line was created.

Successful European brand

Vintage Handmade is now sold in various European countries and has grown into a successful brand. The collection consists of boots for men and women. Optimal grip, a wear-resistant sole and 100% natural wool ensure a unique, high-quality boot that has been extremely popular for years.

Always looking for improvements to the boots

Vintage Handmade continues to optimize its boots by using contemporary techniques and materials. The ease of use and the lifespan of the boot are always central. An important aspect within the brand is to use the right price-quality ratio.

Dutch passion & Portuguese passion

Good cooperation can be said between these two countries. There are rules that the manufacturer must comply with. The Portuguese factory is privately owned. The owner is engaged in corporate social responsibility on a daily basis. He takes good care of his employees, machines and products. He also shares the same passion for shoes with Teun. The factory is visited several times a year in Porto.

BC Hats

What does B.C. Hats strive for?

B.C. Hats, strives to “be unique”. All details are considered and B.C. Hats strives for styles that range from subtle to wild, but always complementary and confident. Designs with simple, clean lines work better. In this way, and method, the needs of the customer are met. Paying attention to details and keeping it as simple as possible has served the brand well. Attention is paid to functionality without sacrificing fashion.

How can the hat be worn?

A hat is no longer an exclusive garment, nowadays a hat can be called an accessory. The leather hats are supple and very sturdy, each B.C. Hats hat has its own character. The hat is ideal for sun protection and perfect for a downpour rain. In the summer it is nice for ladies to combine the hat with a dress or shorts. For men it is cool to wear the hat on nice jeans combined with a simple T-shirt. For women it is stylish in winter to combine the hat with a cardigan sweater together with nice pants. For men, it is cool to wear the hat in winter with cool jeans combined with a hoodie.

When wearing a hat comes in handy
  • When you want to look fashion-forward
  • On a cold winter day
  • A day at the sea
  • Bad hair day
  • Sweltering heat
  • Pouring rain
How did B.C. Hats originate?

B.C. Hats was founded in Australia in 1969, in the village of Byron Bay. Bill Conner started this company and was the first to make a hat (from leather) with a moldable brim. Bill Conner started B.C. Hats, but not with just hats. In the beginning it was the sandals that sold very well. It didn’t take long for the hats to become the most in-demand and most popular product! Bill Conner’s workmanship is of high quality. Ultimately, his passion for craftsmanship grew into a family business.

Bill initially started with an extensive range, sandals, bags, belts, saddles and hats. He registered his business as BC Leather and sold his products at trade shows in Florida. The hats quickly became the most sold items. Bill went on to refine his best-selling items.

From an early age, Bill has had an insight into the best and correct way to place the wire in the brim of the hat, so that the hat eventually gets an optimal shape. In the time we live in, Bill’s modelling and construction method is world famous. No one has been able to improve the quality of the BC Hats so far. In the past, the Australian hat industry only had a choice of traditional felt hats, Bill has changed this. Nowadays people have a choice of all kinds of different functional hats.

Bill Conner won the prestigious New South Wales State Exporter of the Year Award in 1993. The way in which Bill put the hats on the world market played a major role in this. His successfulness helped him to receive this award. Service, quality and original Australian hats are still the focus of the beautiful family business B.C. Hats to this day.

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