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Treat high-quality leather

The Vintage Handmade boots are made of high-quality leather that has been specially treated. This makes it water-repellent, dries quickly and remains soft and supple. Leather maintenance is important to properly protect the leather of the boot against weather influences. Leather can dry out and hence maintenance is very important. Therefore, treat the leather regularly with our Vintage gel.

The membrane that makes the boots waterproof is located directly behind the leather and has billions of micro-porous pores. To enhance the boot’s water-repellent properties, you can use Vintage Handmade care products. For example, the leather cannot absorb itself with water and impede the breathability.

Cleaning your boots

If your boots are dirty with mud or dirt, you can remove this initial dirt with a cloth or brush. Then apply the leather cleaner with circular movements with a sponge or cloth. After the dirt has disappeared, rub the boots with a clean cloth. The best in terms of care you can let the boots dry for 48 hours and treat them with the leather wax for optimal protection. Contact with manure, brine and seawater can cause leakage. After contact with Brine, manure and seawater it is best to remove the boots with a damp sponge.

Leather drying

Did the boots get wet on the inside, for example due to cleaning? Then remove the insoles and let the boot air dry naturally for at least 48 hours before further treating the leather. Never use a forced heat source.

Red Eye Shoes care

Red Eye shoes sneakers are made of leather and suede. The leather can be greased or treated with a spray. For the suede sneakers, it is important that you first brush the shoes clean with a suede brush. Then spray the sneakers so that the shoes become water-repellent and dirt-resistant.

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