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BC hats

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What does B.C. Hats strive for?

B.C. Hats, strives to “be unique”. All details are considered and B.C. Hats strives for styles that range from subtle to wild, but always complementary and confident. Designs with simple, clean lines work better. In this way, and method, the needs of the customer are met. Paying attention to details and keeping it as simple as possible has served the brand well. Attention is paid to functionality without sacrificing fashion.

How can the hat be worn?

A hat is no longer an exclusive garment, nowadays a hat can be called an accessory. The leather hats are supple and very sturdy, each B.C. Hats hat has its own character. The hat is ideal for sun protection and perfect for a downpour rain. In the summer it is nice for ladies to combine the hat with a dress or shorts. For men it is cool to wear the hat on nice jeans combined with a simple T-shirt. For women it is stylish in winter to combine the hat with a cardigan sweater together with nice pants. For men, it is cool to wear the hat in winter with cool jeans combined with a hoodie.

When wearing a hat comes in handy

  • When you want to look fashion-forward
  • On a cold winter day
  • A day at the sea
  • Bad hair day
  • Sweltering heat
  • Pouring rain


Which B.C. Hats hat is best for you? What kind of clothes do you combine the hat with? Are you not sure? We would like to help you with this and give you the personal advice you need! You can reach us at +31 85 02 00 811 and / or info@bootsandstories.com. Be inspired by the Instagram of BootsXStories.

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