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Red Eye shoes | Grey

Grey is a color that is easy to combine. It is the sneaker that can be worn all year round and makes you shine!



Grey is a color that is easy to combine. It is the sneaker that can be worn all year round and makes you shine!

Are you looking for a grey sneaker? Then you have come to the right place at Red Eye shoes

It is a premium sneaker made of high quality gray suede, a trendy sneaker that can be worn all year round due to the simplicity of the design.

Who is Red Eye?

The Red eye features can be found on the heel and at the lace. These elements make the sneaker different from others sneakers. The brand was created by two friends and fits perfectly with Boots and Stories. How did the name come about? Long distance travel gives you red eyes and with Red Eye sneakers you stand firm in your shoes. On the sneakers you can always find the Red Eye landmarks. The red eye and the feature at the back of the heel, go check it out!

The sneaker consists of high quality leather and suede

The sneakers are designed by two friends from the Netherlands and together they ensure that a perfect design is created in that season. The two friends have a passion for shoes and dreamed of their own shoe label. Sneakers that are accessible and perfect for different occasions. Grey is the perfect color to combine with different outfits and other colors. The shoe is made in Portugal and there they take care for a high quality sneaker. The sneakers are handmade with a lot of passion, where there is love to make the shoe as optimal as possible. The sneakers have a light and cheerful look. Because of the short lines they have with Portugal they can switch quickly. From model to transport. The whole process is a party of ideas, design, production and transport.

The gray color is the ideal shoe when you find black too hard and white too summery. The sneaker gives a casual look but the shoe is also worn under sporty outfits. The grey sneaker with white sole is easy to combine with jeans or casual pants. The gray suede sneaker is a good option for summer, but also certainly for winter. The light gray color provides a relaxed vibe. A vibe you don’t want to miss. The flexibility you have in your shoe comes back in comfort.

The shoe is light and flexible, this provides a great feeling for your feet

In the shoe is an extra foam sole, which you immediately notice when putting on the sneakers. Preferably you don’t take the shoes off anymore. The good comfort you can enjoy a day walking through the city or hours standing at a festival. The white sole is easy to clean and so you walk around looking hip every time. The sneaker is easy to transport if you go on vacation because the shoe is lightweight. Do you take your shoes with you on vacation? This shoe fits perfectly under shorts, so you can rock the best outfit on vacation. The sneaker has a cheerful, but also quiet look. The passion of travel brings you to this shoe. The sneaker will make you walk and have adventures all over the world. The sneaker is an excellent option for travel and takes you on a trip through the wide world. The sneakers ensure that you can discover the world in any case with a nice walking comfort.

Boots and stories

The online store that sells shoes with a real story. Every shoe makes somewhere else steps and somewhere else stories. Do you take your sneakers with you when you travel or go to a festival? Or are you more of a person who scours cities and wants to visit every store? Our shoes will automatically take you to the places you want to see. So… what are you waiting for?

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