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Size chart

Size chart Blundstone

Blundstone is generally a bit wider. Ideal for people who have a somewhat wider foot. However, the intention is that your toes can move freely and your instep is against the top. This way your foot gets the optimal support that your foot deserves. Note, many people are used to a shoe that fits very tightly around the foot. At Blundstone you get the feeling that your feet might be a bit loose in them, but that’s how it should be.

Blundstone Adults

Australian size33,544,555,566,577,588,599,51010,5111213
European size 35363737,53838,539404141,54242,54343,54445464748

Blundstone Kids

Australian size78910111213123
European size242526/27282930/3132333435/36

Narrow feet and other space

Do you have narrower feet? Then use the Blundstone Xtreme Comfort Foodbed. You get a bit higher in the shoe when you place the extra sole in the boot. This fills the space between the foot and the top of the shoe. Your instep now fits perfectly against the top of the shoe.

Size advise

We advise you to choose the size that you normally wear (assuming normal shoes and no sneakers). If you want to choose a dress boot, we advise to order half a size smaller. We recommend this because the dress boots have a “square” nose. Dress boots fall somewhat wider than the round Blundstone models. Each Blundstone series has its own properties. Each series has its own fit. The differences are not huge, but there are differences in the Blundstone series. View all information about the different models here.

Sizes for adults and children

Sizes go from 35/36 up to 48 for adults. children’s sizes go from 24 up to 35,5.

Size advice

If you have any doubts about a size or if you have questions about the size, please send an email. We are happy to help you! We can also help you with other questions and or to complete the order.

size chart Vintage Handmade

Vintage Handmade is always made to measure. This applies to boots that do not have lambswool on the inside. The boots are ideal for all types of feet and are great around your legs.


For Vintage Handmade we use the European dimensions. When you choose a boot lined with lambswool, we always recommend taking one size up. The lambswool makes the inside of the boot a size smaller. If you opt for a boot without lambswool, you can order your normal size. Vintage Handmade has sizes from 36 to 47.

Maattabel Red Eye shoes

Red Eye is a bit larger. We therefore recommend ordering one size smaller!

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